Jeunesses Musicales du Liban

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Les Jeunesses Musicales Du Liban
JM International eCORE Classical Lab
8-11 March 2019
Berlin, German
Organized by JM Germany

JM International invites young classical musicians from all JM member sections to
the first interactive conference of its new programme.

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The first interactive conference of enCORE Classical - Lab for new ways in classical music takes place in Berlin, from 8th-11th March 2019. The main topic of the conference is innovation in concert design and performance, exemplified among others by study visit to a concert performance of the junge norddeutsche philharmonie in the Konzerthaus Berlin.
Two additional topics are: social activities through music and musicians' self- and project management. Speakers and trainers include Laura Hassler from Musicians without Borders, Karl Heinrich Wendorf from the Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler Berlin and Wojciech Walzcak, president of JM Poland. A practical task for the participants will lead to a self-designed joint performance in front of a test audience in the end of the conference.
Participants profile

  1. The participants should meet the following criteria:
  2. be between 18 and 29 years old;
  3. be open, committed and motivated to engage in all conference activities;
  4. have an interest to develop and strengthen dialogue between the participants;
  5. be an active music performer, be ready to participate in interactive music rehearsals with open concert at the end of the conference;
  6. be able to bring their own instrument;
  7. be able to distribute the information obtained during the session on their return home among peers and institutions;
  8. master the English language to an acceptable communication level.
We welcome applications from all candidates who fulfil the specific profile of the activities, irrespective of gender, disability, marital or parental status, racial, ethnic or social origin, colour, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

Our Friends
The JML would like to thank our friends who have been generous and kind.
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Mission des Jeunesses Musicales du Liban

La mission première des JML est d’accompagner les enfants et les adolescents dans la découverte active des artistes, des œuvres et des pratiques musicales, et de promouvoir la musique auprès d’eux en leur rendant accessibles des événements musicaux de qualité, en leur offrant une structure d’accueil permanente leur permettant de se produire en public et en aidant les plus méritants à amorcer une carrière professionnelle et à la poursuivre.

En leur présentant de la " bonne musique " (musique classique ou autre) et en leur facilitant l'accès aux salles de concert.
En organisant des concerts dans les écoles.
En favorisant l’éveil des jeunes à la musique et en les encourageant à la pratique de la musique en organisant des ateliers d’instruments et de chant choral.
En étant ouverts à d’autres styles de musique, folklorique, populaire, jazz,  la musique classique demeurant le style de prédilection.

JMI Jeunesses Musicales International
Ministère de la Culture

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Créer une chorale des JML
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Répertorier, à Beyrouth et dans les régions traditionnelles ou touristiques, des lieux profanes ou sacrés, susceptibles d’accueillir des concerts.

Mission of the Jeunesses Musicales du Liban

The primary mission of JML is to assist children and adolescents in their active discovery of artists, works and musical practices. It also aims at promoting music by making accessible to Lebanese youth musical events organized by the JML. The JML also hopes to develop a sustainable musical community whereby our youth will be encouraged to perform in public so that the most deserving can start and nurture serious musical careers.

By presenting "good music" (classical or otherwise)
By facilitating access to concert halls
By organizing concerts in schools and universities
By raising the musical awareness of our youth and encouraging the practice of music through instrumental workshops, master classes and choral activities
By being open to other genres of music: World music, popular music, Jazz, with classical music remaining the favored style.

JMI Jeunesses Musicales International
Ministry of Culture

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